About PerforMAX



We are proud to introduce you to the world’s finest line of lubricants. These lubricants are far superior to any others in the market. They use new and patented technology that has now been authoritatively recognized as a breakthrough in lubricating methodology. That methodology was found to be so extraordinary that a peer reviewed article outlining BestLine’s abilities was accepted by and published in Wear Magazine, an International Journal on the Science and Technology of Friction, Lubrication and Wear (December 2016 issue). It was determined that BestLine’s lubricants reduce wear by 94% because they are able to create a “soft calcium oxide” film on the metal that permits “plastic deformation” of the asperities on the surface of the metal. BestLine knows of no other lubricant that has ever used or is capable of using this mechanism of lubrication.

BestLine’s lubricants:

● Extend the life of engines and vehicles, or any piece of equipment where metal meets metal;

● Improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption;

● Increase the life of lubricating oils;

● Reduce emissions;

● Minimize downtime and the cost of repairs; and

● Reduce maintenance costs.

With this introduction you will find the following:

1. A Product Summary that provides both general information about the BestLine technology and a listing of each product with specific benefits.


2. A Testing Summary that outlines numerous tests that have been performed on BestLine products. This is followed by a more extensive listing of Testing Results.


3. A Report by CD & Power relative to a test of BestLine Diesel Fuel Treatment on a one megawatt generator. With just the Diesel Fuel Treatment, using a ratio of three ounces per 10 gallons of fuel, there was an 11.3% decrease in fuel consumption.


4. A Test on the Pacific Challenger, a commercial trawler, of both BestLine Diesel Engine Treatment and Diesel Fuel Treatment. Using a 12.5% blend of the Diesel Engine Treatment in the engine oil and 1.9 ounces of Diesel Fuel Treatment per 10 gallons of fuel, there was an average 10.97% decrease in fuel consumption.


5. A copy of an article from the October 2011 issue of Tribology & Lubrication Technology (TLT) magazine, the monthly publication of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers. The article is entitled, “How basestocks and additives are improving energy efficiency”. That article, written by Jean Van Rensselar, discusses how good quality lubricants (often containing polyalphaolefins) are generally capable of creating a savings of between 5% and 15% in energy consumption, and are thereby greatly needed (see page 43 of said magazine under the caption “Where To Start”). BestLine has perfected and patented the use of polyalphaolefins and alphaolefins, together with other ingredients, in its lubricants. And the documented savings in energy and fuel (as examples, see items 3 and 4 above) is usually within the range outlined by Ms. Van Rensselar.


6. A summary of a Report from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology that concludes that BestLine reduces wear by 94%. As they are related, also provided is the full report from the Swiss Federal Institute, and the peer reviewed magazine article as published in WEAR magazine and as referenced in the introductory paragraph above.

7. A test conducted by UnCruise Adventures on their cruise ship S.S. Legacy. During the 2015 cruise season, they averaged an oil life of 500 hours. With the addition of BestLine Diesel Engine Treatment (DET), during the 2016 cruise season (and no other changes), oil life was increased 377% to 1,886 hours. Obviously this saves considerable expense (only needing one oil change where three were previously needed) and is beneficial to the environment as it significantly reduces waste oil.



8. A report of a dynamometer test conducted on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. With the addition of BestLine, running with 500 fewer RPMs, there was an increase in both Horsepower and Torque.


9. A summary of a Pin-on-Vee-Block test. This test demonstrates that with the addition of BestLine, an oil is able to handle more load and pressure, remain cooler, and last longer. The full report is outlined within a portion of a document entitled


“Tribology Comparison Test” also attached. It must be emphasized that the “BestLine Full Synthetic 15W40 Diesel Engine Oil” used in the referenced testing was nothing more than an off the shelf 15W40 Diesel Engine Oil similar to Chevron Delo 400LE 15W40, but with BestLine’s DET added.

10. Product information sheets.


Thank you for your interest in PerforMAX.